About our selection

Approved Selection

Approved Selection consists of used equipment that cannot be distinguished from new. A team of specialists checks the state of the products for reuse. The hardware is only designated by the quality label ‘Approved Selection’ if the refurbished PC’s, notebooks, workstations, TFT-monitors, and thin clients meet all our requirements. The warranty period between 1-  and 5- years. Flex IT Distribution lifts refurbished hardware to the highest level with this quality mark. This hardware has been checked at 18 points and with which you can easily save on by choosing Approved Selection.


The benefits

Certified Microsoft Authorised Refurbisher

When purchasing Approved Selection hardware you are assured of a 100% legitimate Microsoft software. The hardware can be delivered with a (MAR) Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher license. PCs and notebooks are available with Windows Professional & Windows Home.

Make margins from our services. 

You can save, not only on the purchase but also on installation, management, and maintenance. After all, you do not have to write new images if you choose machines that already run on your network. In our assortment you will find; desktops, notebooks, monitors, printers, servers, network equipment, and parts.

Are you a Refurbisher?

Join the worldwide program @ Flex IT Distribution and become a registered (TPR) Third Party Refurbisher

Add the MAR (Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher) license & provide your clients with a legal “Out-of-the-Box” experience on the refurbished equipment you offer!

Windows 10 Professional (MAR / TPR)
Windows 10 Home (MAR/ TPR)

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