Author: Dave Van der Zande

Summer Update by Flex IT CEO Andreas Mayer

The current IT market is a highly challenging field. It is clear to everyone that the market, partly due to global circumstances, is going through a relatively tough period. Nevertheless, as the CEO of Flex IT, I look ahead with confidence to the coming years.

Leon Brabander new CCO of Flex IT

Flex IT appoints Leon Brabander as the new CCO

Flex IT, one of the largest European specialists in IT Lifecycle Management, has appointed Leon Brabander as its Chief Commercial Officer (CCO). The appointment of Brabander, who has previously held various managerial positions at Lenovo and HP, is effective immediately. Leon Brabander brings significant experience and

Substantial savings on CO2 emissions and e-waste with refurbished electronics

Opting for a refurbished electronic device can significantly reduce CO2 emissions, water consumption and e-waste, according to research by Refurbed and Fraunhofer Austria Research GmbH. The study compares the environmental impact of new and refurbished smartphones, tablets and laptops. The study indicates that 80% of all

Flex IT and HP successful with HP Approved Selection

More and more businesses are seeking sustainability in their use of IT hardware. Extending the lifespan of hardware is a crucial step. "There is no need to provide the current generation of professionals with a new device every two years." "Our work mainly consists of promoting