Author: Dave Van der Zande

Lithium batteries used in laptops

Lithium consumption by batteries could be reduced by 70 percent

Microsoft and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) have developed a new battery material based on High-Performance Computing (HPC) and AI, that could potentially reduce lithium usage by 70 percent. Laptops, which rely on lithium-ion batteries, are considered the most efficient on the market. The research by

AI and the grading of IT devices

The integration of AI in the grading of IT devices may revolutionize the way organizations approach the lifecycle phases of hardware. With the possibility of streamlining the assessment process, AI creates a transparent and efficient system for businesses to make informed decisions when acquiring IT

AI paves the way for remanufacturing discarded IT devices

Upcoming AI technologies are revolutionizing the circular economy in the IT sector, from product design to recycling and e-waste reduction. AI also provides promising opportunities for remanufacturing, which can contribute to a considerable reduction of e-waste. Artificial intelligence is equivalent to a range of technologies that

European Union officially adopts law requiring replaceable batteries

The Council of the European Union has approved a legislative proposal to regulate the entire lifecycle of batteries - from production to reuse and recycling - and ensures they are safe, sustainable and competitive. The new EU regulation on batteries aims to create a circular economy

Discussing Europe’s leadership potential in the refurbished sector

At the Circulaire-IT Year Congress, Andreas Mayer, the CEO of Flex IT Distribution and a representative of EUREFAS, discussed the world of refurbished electronics in a compelling manner. Mayer emphasised EUREFAS's role in advocating for a shift from a linear to a circular economy. He highlighted

HP Approved Selection by Flex IT offers resellers opportunities

Taking back hardware to then offer it as refurbished is not new. However, it has seen significant growth in recent years. "Refurbished has gained a strong position in the market." The intensive collaboration between Flex IT Distribution and HP is an example of this. The way

Why renting IT hardware can be a smart choice for businesses

Currently for businesses, every penny counts. With often limited resources, companies must make strategic decisions about how to achieve maximum growth and profitability within their budget. One crucial area where businesses can focus on, is purchasing hardware, such as laptops, smartphones, and other equipment necessary

Summer Update by Flex IT CEO Andreas Mayer

The current IT market is a highly challenging field. It is clear to everyone that the market, partly due to global circumstances, is going through a relatively tough period. Nevertheless, as the CEO of Flex IT, I look ahead with confidence to the coming years.