Author: Dave Van der Zande

European Commission expands Right to Repair legislation

European Commission expands Right to Repair legislation

The European Commission has proposed to expand the right to repair for consumers to make it easier and cheaper to repair goods, even beyond the legal guarantee period. Brussels anticipates that the expansion will help with decreasing the amount of waste and the use of

Andreas Mayer

Drivers for change towards a more sustainable IT industry

Recently, I shared my thoughts about the need for some fundamental changes in the IT industry in its transition towards circular IT. In addition to innovation, a stronger focus on the design and production of IT hardware that is built to last, can help organizations

Flex IT joins EUREFAS

Flex IT joins European Refurbishment Association EUREFAS

Flex IT Distribution has joined EUREFAS, the European Refurbishment Association, as its newest member. The major European specialist in IT lifecycle management sees the new partnership as a valuable step to further accelerate the optimisation of circular IT hardware in Europe. EUREFAS is the association representing

Break-through in recycling lithium batteries

Break-through in recycling lithium batteries used in laptops

Laptops run on lithium-ion batteries, the most efficient on the market. However, the extraction of raw material involves high costs and greenhouse gas emissions. Fortunately, a conductive ceramic forms the basis for a new method of recycling lithium. With the demand for rare metals continuing

Global PC market shrank in 2022

Global PC market shrank 16.2 percent last year

According to Gartner and IDC, 28% fewer PCs were sold worldwide during the final quarter of 2022, compared with the same period in 2021. Throughout 2022, 16.2% fewer computers were delivered. Analysts expect the market will recover late 2023 picking up further in 2024. IDC reports


European Commission to invest billions in European chip production

Last December, the European Commission presented the European Chips Act, with the aim for Europe to eventually become market leader. The commission wants to invest over 43 billion euros in the chip industry. However, the Act does not address the huge impact when it comes