AI-capable PCs driver of ongoing recovery in global PC market

The worldwide PC market had a decent start to 2024, with total shipments of desktops and notebooks growing to 57.2 million units in the first three months of the year. This growth signals a recovery in PC demand across all segments, partly supported by AI-capable

European Union officially adopts law requiring replaceable batteries

The Council of the European Union has approved a legislative proposal to regulate the entire lifecycle of batteries - from production to reuse and recycling - and ensures they are safe, sustainable and competitive. The new EU regulation on batteries aims to create a circular economy

Discussing Europe’s leadership potential in the refurbished sector

At the Circulaire-IT Year Congress, Andreas Mayer, the CEO of Flex IT Distribution and a representative of EUREFAS, discussed the world of refurbished electronics in a compelling manner. Mayer emphasised EUREFAS's role in advocating for a shift from a linear to a circular economy. He highlighted

HP Approved Selection by Flex IT offers resellers opportunities

Taking back hardware to then offer it as refurbished is not new. However, it has seen significant growth in recent years. "Refurbished has gained a strong position in the market." The intensive collaboration between Flex IT Distribution and HP is an example of this. The way

Leon Brabander new CCO of Flex IT

Flex IT appoints Leon Brabander as the new CCO

Flex IT, one of the largest European specialists in IT Lifecycle Management, has appointed Leon Brabander as its Chief Commercial Officer (CCO). The appointment of Brabander, who has previously held various managerial positions at Lenovo and HP, is effective immediately. Leon Brabander brings significant experience and

Flex IT and HP successful with HP Approved Selection

More and more businesses are seeking sustainability in their use of IT hardware. Extending the lifespan of hardware is a crucial step. "There is no need to provide the current generation of professionals with a new device every two years." "Our work mainly consists of promoting