Flex IT joins European Refurbishment Association EUREFAS

Flex IT joins European Refurbishment Association EUREFAS

30 March 2023

Flex IT Distribution has joined EUREFAS, the European Refurbishment Association, as its newest member. The major European specialist in IT lifecycle management sees the new partnership as a valuable step to further accelerate the optimisation of circular IT hardware in Europe.

EUREFAS is the association representing the refurbishment industry in Europe, to promote the circular economy and help building a greener world. Their mission is to develop and promote the refurbishment industry in Europe through advocacy, setting quality standards and creating policy. That mission aligns perfectly with Flex IT’s ambition to lead the change towards a fully circular European market for IT hardware, to broaden this specialism in the European market, and as a result, accelerate the adaptation of circular IT in Europe. Becoming a member of EUREFAS is a logical step and feels like an excellent fit.

‘’We are proud to be part of EUREFAS, the European Refurbishment Association. We joined them because we share their vision of promoting the circular economy and helping to build a greener world by re-using and refurbishing IT hardware products. Our goals are to make refurbished more visible and attractive to decision makers in legislation, policies and procurement, as well as to help the refurbishment business grow into a mature and respected sector’’, says Flex IT CEO Andreas Mayer.

Flex IT joins EUREFAS
”We want to ensure that purchasing refurbished devices is just as good as purchasing new hardware.’’

EUREFAS was founded to engage in dialogue with European institutions and other stakeholders to advance understanding of industry-related issues, and to contribute to effective policy and legislation at European level to support the development of the industry.

‘’Both EUREFAS and Flex IT recognise that it is vital to combat e-waste and to help conserve our planet’s resources. Simultaneously, we believe that we need to guarantee customers a high level of quality, including a clear warranty period to ensure that purchasing refurbished devices is just as good as purchasing new hardware.’’, Mayer adds.

With this new partnership Flex IT further builds upon their mission to position themselves as the company that drives sustainable hardware solutions through circular IT. Many businesses and organisations are looking to make the transition to circular IT and by joining forces with EUREFAS to promote the circular economy, we can continue to provide sustainable and environmentally responsible IT solutions for our customers.

Read the EUREFAS statement about our partnership here.

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