Flex IT & The FIA announce ITAD program (IT Asset Disposition/buyback) for the FIA Sport and Mobility clubs.

Chetan Fatingan Editor Flex IT Distribution
14 July 2020

14 July 2020

Flex IT Distribution the leading distributor across Europe for refurbished hardware and a pioneer in the circular IT movement, has announced the launch of an ITAD (IT BuyBack) programme for all sport and mobility clubs that are part of The FIA . Details of the agreement were shared at the recent FIA Conference in June 2020.

The FIA (The Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) represents the interests of motoring organisations and motor car users, but to the general public, the FIA is mostly known as the governing body for many auto racing events, such as Formula One, FormulaE and Le Mans. The FIA has defined clear sustainability goals and as such, is fully committed to offering its associated Sport & Mobility Clubs the opportunity to choose the best possible solution for circular IT. The new ITAD programme means that each club will be able to sell its old hardware directly to Flex IT, who can in turn offer high quality refurbished replacements, if required.

Pierre Villez, Sustainable Motor Sport Programmes Coordinator of the FIA: “This project fully fits with the sustainability goals that have been defined by the FIA. It represents a real opportunity for all our clubs to reduce their ecological footprint while having a positive cost impact. We look forward to seeing the benefits from this partnership.”

Added Frank Hulshoff, Marketing Director of Flex IT: ‘’One of our clear objectives that actually goes beyond building the Flex IT brand, is to emphasise that Circular IT Hardware can be the best solution – even within the most technical environments. Events in the world over the past 6 months have underlined why the circular solution is no longer seen as second best within the industry and rather as the most cost effective and responsible way to purchase or rent hardware solutions. “Our agreement with the FIA on an ITAD /BuyBack project is an excellent example of how well this can work and we are convinced this is just the start of a long and successful working relationship between the FIA And Flex IT.”

Currently 170 clubs have expressed an interest in participating with equipment profile primarily laptops, desktops, screens and phones. Brands will include Apple, HP, Lenovo and Dell to name a few. Flex IT will accept any brand to include in its refurbishment process as part of the scheme. It will buy the unwanted IT hardware from the clubs, process and upgrade it and then bring it back into the market through its large channel of partners.

Explained Hulshoff, “at the same time we will push for the clubs to buy or rentcircular IT equipment (newer generations). Then the cycle continues and after a year or more, Flex IT will again buy back any hardware that the clubs feel needs replacing. This way we guarantee the best IT solution for the clubs, whilst at the same time giving a new life to the IT hardware that is being returned by them. This has a very positive impact on the budget of the clubs and a positive impact on the sustainability goals.”

The FIA has a global footprint with all its clubs so there is no limit on the countries that this programme will be running across. As well as the usual European countries, there will be clubs from Asia, the Middle East and South America taking advantage of the global appeal for circular IT. The partnership will run initially for 12 months but both parties expect it to carry on after the first year. It was forged when The FIA published its sustainability goals and was then approached by Flex IT to make a contribution towards reaching these goals by implementing the buyback programme. The FIA selected Flex IT as its partner due to the company’s experience in running ITAD (buy back) projects globally, due to the locations of its clubs all over the world and the fact that it can supply and refurbish all major IT brands.

About The FIA

The FIA is the governing body for world motor sport and the federation of the world’s leading motoring organisations. Founded in 1904, with headquarters in Paris, the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) is a non-profit making association. It brings together 243 international motoring and sporting organisations from 146 countries on five continents. Its member clubs represent millions of motorists and their families.

About Flex IT

Circular technology specialist Flex IT is headquartered in the Netherlands, has offices in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Bulgaria and the UK, and works closely with vendors such as HP, Dell, Apple and Lenovo to buy excess stock and refurbish slightly older laptops, servers and mobile devices to the highest possible standard.

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