About Infotheek Group

Specialists in Circular IT products

Established in 1991 and now the leading Circular IT specialists in Europe. The Infotheek Group brands have been providing sustainable hardware solutions for organisations in the commercial and public sector for over 28 years. Having always been convinced of the relevance of, and our responsibility and careful handling of raw materials, we see it as our mission to promote and accelerate the transition to a circular economy.

We believe that IT can be handled differently, and see great opportunities in reducing raw materials and saving energy in the IT production process. Depreciated IT hardware, or e-waste, generates an enormous global electronic waste mountain. Because of the many parts and raw materials used in the products, they are difficult to recycle and a lot of value is lost in the linear production process. 

We do everything we can to ensure that our valuable raw materials are protected and preserved for future generations. We do this by prolonging the lifecycle of products in various ways, recovering value, and postponing new production for as long as possible.  

The vision of Infotheek Group

The IT market is based on 3 ideas:

In today's IT-market, users are led to believe they always need the newest. Infotheek Group prefers to consider the actual need. A large number of employees often only use email, internet and an office suite. We believe there will always be room for previous generations of hardware that deliver the same performance for users.

We also believe IT can be handled more sustainably. New is not always better. In fact, used equipment even provides many benefits to companies and organisations, such as cost savings, stimulating local employment, space for innovation and environmental gains. For example, did you know that approximately 80% of the CO2 emissions caused by the manufacture of a smart-phone are released during the production process? And that manufacturing a smart-phone requires nearly 900 liters of water? By prolonging the lifecycle of IT, we can all minimize our global footprint.

And finally, costs will always be decisive factor when purchasing IT. Infotheek Group offers plenty opportunities to reduce or spread costs, for example by buying back depreciated IT, providing IT rental possibilities and having a vast range of refurbished equipment available. These options allow us to prolonging the lifecycle of products without compromising on quality, functionality and continuity, and our customer to reduce their environmental footprint.