Stephan Derksen Managing Director distribution-division Infotheek Group

Leiden, 15 December 2017 – Stephan Derksen (43) has been appointed as Managing Director of the distribution-division of Infotheek Group. The distribution-unit is made up of Xeptor IT Distribution, rent giant FlexIT Rent, network distributor GHS and the demo organization Added Dimension and has 14 offices spread across Europe with more than 400 employees. The organization chiefly buys, sells and rents circular IT products that prolong the life of IT hardware. With its business model, the organization achieved an average growth of 25% in recent years.

Derksen has been on board with the circular IT supplier since 2012 and has held several positions within the management team, in which he was most recently responsible for Infotheek Group’s takeovers as Director of Strategy and M&A. Prior to that he worked for the network specialist Curvature. Derksen’s main objective in terms of distribution division is to increase the market share as a specialist distributor of circular IT products and services and further strengthen the awareness of the benefits of IT circular. Among others the distributor is specialized in IT asset buyback, IT rental and the supply of End-of-Life and refurbished equipment.

Jordy Kool, CEO of the Group had previously announced that following a series of acquisitions a new brand structure would be created for Infotheek Group: one brand for the end-user division and one for the distribution division, Kool: “With Stephan’s experience in the IT sector and his vision of sustainable strategy with regard to the distribution activities, he is the right person to take on this role. We are confident that Stephan and his team can continue to grow the distribution label within Europe. In addition, Stephan brings a lot of experience in terms of acquisitions.  This is an important part of our growth strategy.”

The new Managing Director will be challenged with fully implementing the new focus by early 2018. “We have gained a lot of knowledge and experience in recent years through acquisitions. Following this intensive period of growth, it is now time to build the brand and place our unique DNA under the spotlight. We will also be announcing our new name at the beginning of 2018.”, says Derksen. The Managing Director reports to the CEO. It had been previously announced that Jordy Kool will resign from his position as CEO by 1 April 2018 and the search for a new CEO is under way.

About Infotheek Group
Infotheek Group was founded in 1991 and is the European market leader in circular IT.  The group consists of several labels, including resellers Infotheek and Scholten Awater, e-commerce giant Centralpoint.nl, distributor Xeptor, rental organization Flex IT Rent and demo organization Added Dimension. Infotheek Group has the largest refurbishment centre in Europe and offers an extensive products and services portfolio in various sectors. For more information please contact Paula van Velden, paula.van.velden@infotheek.com

About Xeptor
Xeptor IT Distribution has been a valued partner to IT resellers in Europe for more than 15 years. By operating a sustainable product portfolio Xeptor helps resellers by offering alternatives instead of new equipment, making them unique in their offering to end users. Furthermore the alternatives are mostly circular and therefore better for the environment!

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