Questions regarding Brexit?
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How will Brexit impact my order?

Lead times for individual orders may take longer than what you’re used to.

How will you treat returns?

Returns after Brexit will be handled through customs so please consider a longer lead time before your returns are processed.

What if my delivery is delayed?

We have an extensive network of local partners throughout Europe. This allows us to keep stock locally. For most rental requests, delivery times won’t be delayed. If the products you need are not locally available, we will inform you in time of potential delays.

Are you prepared for the new way of importing and exporting goods to and from the UK?

Yes, Flex IT works with internationally recognized shipping companies that are fully prepared for any logistic changes regarding Brexit.

Who can I contact for further questions?

Please contact your accountmanager or mail us at info@flexitdistribution.com

What have you done to ensure our business will not be interrupted?

We are actively working with our freight forwarder to ensure the fastest and safest transportation options available.

Will transport fees rise?

We try to keep transport fees as low as possible, but we cannot guarantee that shipping fees to the UK won’t rise.

Does your company have an EORI number?

We have EORI-numbers in several EU countries and in the UK. If we do not have an EORI-number in a country, we will use our freight forwarder as a registered importer.

Are you still able to deliver on-site support in the UK?

Yes, we will still be able to send over our engineers to help you with setting up your event, exam, training, or any other situation to relieve you from any technical difficulties.

Do you uphold TSP (Transitional Simplified Procedure)?

Yes, we have a monthly credit account and an EORI number.