About Circular IT

Flex IT Distribution and the Circular Economy

Since its inception in 1992, Flex IT Distribution has established itself as one of Europe’s largest IT suppliers, as well as one of the leading advocates for Circular IT. Flex IT Distribution has always acknowledged the importance of utilizing the planet’s resources in a sustainable way, and we regard it as a constant self-esteem to safeguard our planet for future generations. At Flex IT Distribution we see what our mission is to promote, accelerate and enable the transition to Circular Economics. Our goal is to be and remain the leading Circular IT company in Europe – and make sure that more people follow our example.

What does Circular Economics mean?

Circular Economics is a resource-efficient alternative to the traditional linear wear and tear economy. It separates the addiction tradition that has traditionally existed between growth and utilization of Earth’s finite assets. The goal of Circular Economics is to achieve increased growth and value with the help of fewer resources.

Flex IT Distribution circular products and service portfolio

Flex IT Distribution has extensive circular product and service offerings, such as long-term and short-term rental, IT services, leasing, warehouse sales, IT repurchases and Approved Selection. By choosing Flex IT Distribution’s circular model, you make a conscious choice to contribute to a positive development of Economics, Society, Innovation and the Environment. Example: By extending the use of an existing product, you reduce the water supply and pollution that it had meant to produce a new product instead.

Shop right

We at Flex IT Distribution want to express our support and our appreciation to the individuals and organizations that support and develop the Circular Economy, which contribute to Flex IT Distribution’s circular value chain: Economy, Society, Innovation and Environment. The decision taken to improve the future for and on our planet can easily be described as RIGHT. By doing the right, we mean people and organizations who through circular action contribute to Circular Economics taking greater place in today’s society, both public and private.

Our circular purchasing policy

In order to promote, secure and educate about Circular Purchases and Extended Lifecycle, Flex IT Distribution has developed “Shop RIGHT: Circular Purchasing Policy”. This is a structured process whose purpose is to guide the purchase of circular goods and services. If you would like to know more about Flex IT Distribution, about Circular Economics and Circular IT, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our Extensive circular product and services:

Cisco Refresh

Sustainable circular economy while saving money.

Does your organization use partially or exclusively Cisco equipment? Or would you like this to be the case, but you’ve had a hard time justifying the cost as a top-of-the-line Cisco infrastructure?

Cisco Refresh is the smart choice for both existing and potential Cisco users. Cisco official surplus channel Refresh involves huge cost savings on products that, with full warranty, do not compromise on the reliability that Cisco has become known for.

The Affordable Option

HP ReNew

The products included in HP’s ReNew program are originally from HP’s inventory, deliveries, and returns. HP ReNew offers the same condition and quality as day-to-date products, but at a significantly lower price.

For those who have a limited IT budget or just like to save money, HP ReNew is the perfect option: high-quality, low-cost technology solutions.

HP certified quality

All products from HP ReNew are returned to HP’s factory, where HP’s technicians control and possibly restore the machines to the same condition as when they first left the factory. All ReNew equipment thus holds the same high quality as all HP’s day-to-day range.

Complete HP Warranty

HP ReNew products are covered by the same full warranties as equipment originating from the regular channel. All HP ReNew equipment qualify for the same carepack upgrades as you as a customer are used to expanding the warranty.

Think Circular: HP ReNew as part of the sustainability chain

By shopping HP’s ReNew products, you help to deal with global overproduction, reducing the need for new production. You therefore make the environment a great service while benefiting your company’s finances!

Case Study:

Swedish Fair in Gothenburg

Each year more than 1.8 million people from all over the world choose to come to the Swedish Fair to meet, eat and live, develop business, products or ideas. Under a roof there is everything from hotels, shops, theater, spas and restaurants to exhibition halls and different types of meeting arenas.

For several years, the Swedish Exhibition Center has conducted an active sustainability work focusing on environment, accessibility and community engagement. The ambition is to drive sustainable development forward. When Petra Löfås, Sustainability Officer at the Swedish Fair, asked if they could think of expanding their sustainability efforts by donating their endured IT equipment to IT4Kids, the reaction was immediately positive.

In addition to finding another way of contributing to society, this also solved a challenge as Henrik Söderström, client manager at the IT department, like many in the same career role, had been involved for several years: a consistent and efficient routine for the disposal of end-of-life IT hardware .

Less than three months later, IT4Kids performed its first donation in the Swedish Trade Fair. As a recipient, Göteborg’s Rescue Mission project, Solrosen, was chosen – a support project for children who have a parent who is detained. Completely in line with IT4Kid’s basic values.

Read more about the Swedish Fair and their sustainability work at www.svenskamassan.se

For more information:

Petra Löfås, Sustainability Officer, Svenska Mässan
031-708 81 67

Simon Edeus, IT4Kids
031-389 12 83