About It4Kids

Our philosophy

“Children are the future. From our opinion, health and sports are fundamentals for the future of a child. Therefore, all children deserve a chance to have a promising future.”

Every child is welcome in our society and there should be respect for the differences among children. We need to teach children to take into account other children and express concerns towards each other. Children should have the opportunity to take initiative, should dare to make mistakes, take on challenges and discover their talents. Gaining experience in a group and learning to interact with others is something we see as a particularly valuable contribution to the development of children. Therefore, we consider stimulating sports and games as an essential importance. Herein, safety, security and health are basic conditions for an optimal development.

IT4Kids intends to raise awareness regarding social issues related to the development of children. The society should feel connected with children, and vice versa. Attention should be paid to the diversity in society, in which structural standards and values are embedded.

At IT4Kids, we offer companies and organizations the opportunity to donate old IT hardware so that they can contribute to our goal in an accessible way.

Work with us

What does IT4Kids do?

Foundation IT4Kids supports children by providing businesses and organizations the opportunity to donate the residual value of depreciated hardware to a charity or charitable projects.

Throughout the years, IT4Kids established close partnerships with various organizations, funds and charities. Regarding partner choices, IT4Kids has had a strong focus on sport. In this case, sports are a tool, which directly and indirectly contributes to the development of all children in it’s broadest sense.

Children and their development are key to our foundation. With the received donations, IT4Kids is able to join existing projects and similar charities but also tries to improve opportunities for as many kids as possible by setting up its own initiatives. This way, IT4Kids is helping children who may not have the same opportunities as their peers have. The aims of these projects are to ensure the safety, health and educational advancement of children.

Visitors address:

Zaalbergweg 9

2314XS Leiden,

The Netherlands

Mailing address:

Postbus 527

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The Netherlands