About ITAD

IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) is a strategy focused on collecting used hardware and disposing of it in an environmentally responsible way or reintroducing it into the market. Flex IT’s ITAD program is committed to extending the lifecycles of devices.

Currently, the lifespan of IT hardware is typically only three to five years. With the annual electronic waste (e-waste) mountain continuing to pile up, we find that it is key to extend this lifecycle up to ten years to drastically reduce the environmental impact. Using Flex IT’s ITAD service ensures that your hardware does not contribute to e-waste and will be disposed of responsibly.

We invite you to watch our informative video, which illustrates the entire ITAD journey from start to finish. Discover how Flex IT can assist your business in responsibly disposing of obsolete IT hardware.

Flex IT’s ITAD services

A key specialty service offered by Flex IT is the removal of outdated or unwanted data and equipment. Our ITAD services are both complex and comprehensive, designed to extend the lifecycle of IT hardware. The process begins right at your doorstep, including on-site serial number scanning, packaging, and collection. All ITAD hardware processing is conducted in our circular centre in Poland, and includes data wiping or destruction, and pre-grading.

The next phase is the remarketing process. Items that can be refurbished are reintroduced into the market. Those that cannot be refurbished are repaired. For items beyond repair, we harvest parts for use in other repairs. Finally, any remaining materials are submitted for recycling.

Our IT Asset Disposition program is fully integrated with our Refurbishment department. Our refurbishment process includes steps such as pre-installing operating systems and swapping keyboard languages, enabling us to deliver devices that are ready for immediate use to our customers. Additionally, we offer a wide range of warranty programs to these devices. We combine the concept of sustainability with trust in the quality of the products we provide.

The advantages of our ITAD service

Flex IT is committed to supporting businesses throughout the entire lifecycle of IT hardware. We additionally offer a shared profit program where both the supplier and Flex IT divide the total revenue generated after successful remarketing. Our ITAD services offer numerous advantages and lay the foundations for sustainable and future-proof changes in IT asset distribution.

⇒ Preventing e-waste and contributing to the circular economy.

⇒ Specialised personnel in an ISO-certified workplace ensure high quality.

⇒ Blancco certified data wiping for maximum data security.

⇒ Full on-site service for maximum convenience.

⇒ A shared profit program after successful remarketing.

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