This week Arrow Electronics Inc. announced their immediate plans to exit their IT Asset Disposition business (read here the full article). If your business and your disposition agreements have been affected by this news, Flex IT Distribution is here to fill in any gaps in your asset management needs.

Flex IT has nearly 3 decades of experience in the full in end-to-end life cycle of hardware, via our asset recovery services. We pride ourselves on our contributions toward extending the life-expectancy of IT equipment by handling computer recycling in an ecologically and responsible manner. Flex IT offers certified data removal, we offer you the highest residual values for your older devices and all of our e waste management processes are ISO certified..

To learn about our ITAD services fill out the contact form on this page and our experience sales team will get in touch with you to work on a sustainable solution to cover your recycling needs.

So what can we deliver?

More advantages

Data security on used hardware ( official certificates per serial)

Try to maximize the life expectancy of used hardware ( Think Green, Circulair, Next generation)

Responsible disposition of used hardware

Full on-site service so you can focus on your daily business

Give money back on depreciated hardware

Our buyback will save you even more money when you buy new hardware from Flex IT, meaning: the best value for money.
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What is ITAD?

IT asset disposition (ITAD) is the business built around disposing of obsolete or unwanted equipment in a safe and ecologically-responsible manner

The goal of FlexIT: “Try to extend the life-expectancy of used hardware where possible”.

Used hardware for one customer can be worth nothing but for another one it can mean the world. It all depends on the functional requirements, budgets, etc. Within the ITAD process FlexIT first makes sure all the data wiping is done properly. We cosmetically check the goods and determine if there is still a secondary market for the product. If so, we repair, refurbish and find a new owner for the hardware. If used products are not able to be fixed, are too old or the technology is obsolete we will make sure the hardware is dispositioned properly.

So whats is in it for you?

FlexIT is able to provide you with guaranteed buy-back prices overtime so you create a vendor lock in with your customer. Competition on ‘New’ hardware deals is though by using the buy-back price to your advantage you are one step a head of competition. On top of that you close the loop and not just deliver hardware on the front end but offer the entire service (Circular IT).

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