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We are pleased to announce that Flex IT Distribution has launched a new webshop. The new webshop offers a seamless online shopping experience, featuring improved search functionalities, comprehensive product details, and a straightforward checkout procedure. Explore the new webshop and register directly.

Why should you choose Flex IT Distribution

Despite our youth, Flex IT Distribution is already active in more than 10 countries. Because of our unique business proposition, we are growing at a rate of 30% each year. With our offices across Europe, we can guarantee a local contact person that will help you find the best solution for you and your customer.

Flex IT Distribution has a large hardware stock and experience in manufacturing. We buy our stock in large quantities, ship them to our 20.000 .sqm warehouse, allowing us to preserve a large amount of inventory. Due to these quantities and unique inventory we can offer a significant margin increase for you and a friendly price for your customer. If your order is completely in stock, it could be delivered the next day. Your order can be sent to your office for renovation, installation or setup, or it can be shipped directly to your customer, (completely white-label of course).

We would like to make you an offer you cannot refuse. You will be amazed by the possibilities we have to offer!


IT4Kids: Donate your depreciated IT equipment and help children play sports! Explore IT4Kids

Approved Selection

Approved Selection is used equipment that can not be distinguished from new. Explore Approved Selection

Flex IT Rent

We deliver the equipment, ready-to-use, within 24 hours, where and whenever! Explore Rent

Circular IT

A resource-efficient alternative to the traditional linear wear and tear economy. Explore Circular IT

Asset Recovery

28 years of experience in collecting, cleaning, and wiping data and hardware. Explore Asset Recovery


Ready to help your Evaluation Products win business. Explore Demo

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