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Selling IT is demanding and selling IT to corporate & public sector customers is very demanding. Customers are insisting on having an evaluation opportunity- having your product on their site- before they will even consider ordering.

A product evaluation service requires storage, engineering, transport infrastructure and top quality customer service. but to be effective it also needs to align completely to the brand’s “Go To Market” strategy. We deliver a best in class and completely customisable service. We have been focused on providing a market-leading evaluation service for 20 years. Whilst delivering results working with the world’s leading IT brands. We have constantly invested in improvement and innovation which is why we are simply the best.

Our process

This is how we work

Request Management

The AD Evaluation Team know that an efficient request process is essential and ensure effective communication & co-ordination across all sales involved. Our team always strive for professional interaction with the end-user evaluating the equipment and we work to achieve loan request authorization.

Product Quality Management

We have an obsessional approach to equipment checking, managing packaging and we make sure images & firmware on any computing device are updated. We apply this same care to consumable items and have processes to flag inventory that is below standard and needs attention.


Evaluation team benefit from using our own transport fleet or carefully chosen carriers and we can offer timed deliveries or collections. Alongside this, we can offer expert onsite service at delivery or collection and also utilize a powerful transport planning function.


We understand the value of easily integrated and powerful loan management systems. Because of this, we have invested heavily and developed market-leading functions including detailed inventory, progress tracking and reporting allowing integration of web-based systems. All our communication is brand-aligned and set-up for new brands is simple.


We understand hat a successful process for bringing in new equipment and products into the loan pool is essential. To maximize the Evaluation Team proposition value, our process and capability is EMEA scalable and our process can be applied to any absolutely product.

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