IT Asset Recovery

Founder and leader of Asset Recovery

Established in 1991, Infotheek Group had a mission to complete the life cycle of IT equipment and thus contribute to a more sustainable society and a circular economy. These days, the demand for an environmentally friendly disposal of used products is ever increasing, governments encourage CSR (Corporate Sustainability Responsibility) objectives and it has even become an essential part of a brand core objective.

This trend is not limited to the Netherlands. In 2009 the first office abroad was opened in Sweden, in the last decade we have opened 10 other European locations. That small business is now Flex IT and still has IT Asset Recovery as a part of our core business. 28 years on, we can proudly call ourselves the founder and European market leader in the Asset Recovery industry, meaning: you’re old, depreciated hardware products are in good hands with us.

Why use our IT Recovery service? You are assured of:

More advantages

Our entire Asset Recovery process is in-house

Certified data removal and hardware is processed following ISO standards

Over 28 years of experience with the processing of asset

Whatever your situation may be, we always have a suitable solution

You take both the environment and costs into account

Our buyback will save you even more money when you buy new hardware from Infotheek, meaning: the best value for money.
About the hardware

Buying hardware, what does Flex IT do exactly?

Flex IT has 28 years of experience in collecting, cleaning, and wiping data and hardware. The Asset Recovery programme ensures certified and permanent data erasure, including all references to your organisation, both visible and invisible. We have helped thousands of companies with matters regarding attractive buyback options, safe reuse and responsible product distribution.

The entire process, from unmarked transport to processing and storage in our own warehouse, is handled in-house and therefore in our own management. This means that we know exactly where your hardware is and what its status is, throughout the entire process. At the end of this process, the hardware is ready to be used for another couple of years. For example, in an organisation with a smaller budget

By selling your used hardware products to us, your organisation can get rid of old, redundant or used hardware in a responsible, safe and reliable manner. You can choose to receive the residual value as a payment or as a discount on the purchase of new hardware. You can also donate the value to our foundation IT4Kids; this foundation supports charities that contribute to the development of children, mostly through sports. Whichever you choose, you are assured that your hardware is processed in a socially responsible and environmentally friendly way.

Discover how our IT Recovery program can deliver high-quality products in our status matrix.

IT Asset Disposition

Do you or your customer have any old hardware lying around that is not being used? This hardware is still worth money! We at Flex IT Distribution are always interested in old IT-hardware take-back. You can also collect your customers’ old hardware, and use the residual value of this hardware to purchase new equipment at a discount. Would you like to trade in laptops or computers? We can help you! You can ask for a free value estimation at any time by filling in the form on this page.

What is the trade-in value of your hardware?

Is your old hardware tucked away somewhere? Do your customers still have old hardware lying around? Do you have equipment available for hardware take-back and would like to reinvest its value into something worthwhile? Flex IT Distribution offers you the best solution. With over 15 years of experience, we are the IT Asset and Disposition expert. Concerning the volume of your hardware trade-in, we accept both small and large amounts. Furthermore, we will carefully and safely remove all data in our own warehouse in the Netherlands, so that your data won’t be shared with the outside world. Flex IT Distribution is ISO certified. Flex IT Distribution offers you the highest residual value for your used devices. Fill in the form to receive a free value estimation.

The benefits of trading in hardware

Maximum residual value:

You can request a free value estimation at any time

Pick-up service:

Your old equipment will be collected at your location, pick-up service will be settled / deducted from the revenue

100% Data safety:

We are ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and OHAS certified. We also work in compliance of the new GDPR regulations, so you are assured that your data will be wiped professionally


You can receive a discount on your next purchase with the residual value of your used hardware


We have been experts in the purchase of (used) hardware for more than 15 years

100% Security:

All your data will be wiped according to ISO standards


Utilizing Flex IT Distribution as your preferred ITAD partner is both financially and environmentally beneficial

Thanks to Flex IT Distribution’s ITAD service, you immediately profit from a discount on your next purchase. You won’t find the same benefits elsewhere.

Would you like to receive more information regarding our ITAD program? Do you have laptops to trade-in or would you like us to collect your old computers? Send an e-mail to buyback@flexitdistribution.com, call us at 0031 (0)71-8001250 or simply fill in the form on this page.