Bol.com climate neutral according to CNC standard

Bol.com climate neutral according to CNC standard

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11 October 2022

Bol.com is the first e-commerce platform in the Netherlands and Belgium to be allowed to carry the Climate Neutral Certification mark.

The company has mapped the entire CO2 emissions of its processes and formulated reduction targets according to the guidelines of the Paris Agreement. Bol.com compensates the remaining CO2 emissions according to the criteria of CNG. This includes the emissions released from the moment the products arrive at Bol.com until the moment they are delivered to the customer. The impact of fulfillment centers, offices and server locations is also included in the calculation. As well as energy consumption, packaging and delivery. The emissions released during the manufacture of the products are not included in the calculation.

“By receiving the label, Bol.com is the first e-commerce party in the Netherlands and Belgium to be climate-neutral certified according to the Climate Neutral Certification standard,” says Jouke Roelfzema, CO2 specialist E-commerce at Climate Neutral Group. “This makes them an inspiring example for the rest of the industry. We hope this will also encourage other organizations to start reducing their climate impact.”

Reducing CO2 emissions

Jori Ebskamp, lead CSR & sustainability at Bol.com: “To reduce our own CO2 emissions we have already taken steps to make our buildings, packaging, delivery and returns more sustainable. In the coming years we will focus on further reduction, in line with the conditions of CNG. We also support our sales partners in reducing their emissions, for example by sharing knowledge and offering logistic services that make their processes more sustainable. In addition, we now also offset their operational emissions. Because together with all our sales partners, we can really make an impact.”

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