Flex IT launches new webshop that includes sustainability data at product level

Flex IT launches new webshop that includes sustainability data at product level

5 September 2023

Flex IT is launching a new webshop that enables them to share sustainability data with visitors for products. Customers can now explore the extensive and diverse range of circular IT products and services more purposefully and conveniently. Moreover, the webshop offers a significantly enhanced shopping experience. Flex IT is rolling out this new platform initially in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, with other countries set to follow suit in the coming months, each offering their own customised experience in their respective languages.

The new webshop isn’t just an upgrade to the digital infrastructure but also signifies a new milestone in optimising customer service. The standout feature is the ability to gain insights at the product level into the amount of CO2 reduction that the purchase of a circular IT device yields. This functionality will continually be enriched and improved across various product categories based on user testing and customer feedback. Flex IT is closely collaborating with its partner, Ecochain, in this endeavour. 

To make sustainability data of IT products transparent, Flex IT utilises an LCA methodology devised by Ecochain. Ecochain empowers businesses to conduct life cycle assessments (LCA) on a large scale for their production facilities and evaluate their environmental impact at the corporate, process, and product levels. 

“We are extremely proud to launch our new webshop, with the integration of sustainability data into our offerings being particularly remarkable. Flex IT introduces the first webshop in the Netherlands to provide this information at the product level,” states Andreas Mayer, CEO of Flex IT. 

Customers can visit the new webshop at: https://www.flexitcircular.com. The existing webshops will be gradually phased out and eventually fully replaced by the new platform. Flex IT aims to ensure a seamless migration to the new platform. 

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