Samsung repair kits for smartphones and laptops are coming to the Netherlands and Belgium

Samsung repair kits for smartphones and laptops are coming to the Netherlands and Belgium

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11 July 2023

Samsung is launching its Self-Repair program in the Netherlands and Belgium, among other countries. This allows customers to purchase spare parts and repair kits for recent smartphones and laptops to repair their hardware independently.

Currently, spare parts are available for the Galaxy S20, S21 and S22 series smartphones and the 15.6″ variants of the Galaxy Book Pro and Galaxy Book Pro 360. From the corresponding product pages, customers can access a repair manual that explains in text and video form how to perform the relevant repair. For the relevant smartphones, Samsung is selling a replacement for the glass backside of the device, a new USB-C charging port and a combination package, including a new battery and AMOLED display. For the 15.6″-Galaxy Book Pro, more replacement parts are available: a new battery, LCD, fingerprint scanner, case, touchpad and silicone feet. The same parts are available for the 15.6″-Galaxy Book Pro 360, apart from the feet. In all cases, the necessary screws, glue and any new case and bezels are included.

Furthermore, parts can all be ordered separately or in combination with a repair kit. For laptops, this extra kit includes a suction cup, tweezers, a PH000 screwdriver and plastic picks to pry the screen loose. The smartphone repair kit includes the same tools, plus a heating pad to soften the glue behind the screen.

The right to repair

Originally introduced in the United States and South Korea, the Self-Repair program is now available in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, Sweden and the UK. Samsung promises to include more products in the program in the future. Although Samsung doesn’t refer to this legislation, its new policy falls under the European Commission’s proposed right-to-repair laws. The right-to-repair laws are designed to make it easier and cheaper to repair goods, even beyond the legal guarantee period. Brussels anticipates that the legislation will help with decreasing the amount of e-waste and the use of new raw materials. Read more about this in an article we published earlier about this subject.

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