Flex IT and HP successful with HP Approved Selection

Flex IT and HP successful with HP Approved Selection

Werner Mars (left), Circular IT Consultant at Flex IT and Michel Voorhout, Channel Sales Manager Services/DAAS at HP
28 June 2023

More and more businesses are seeking sustainability in their use of IT hardware. Extending the lifespan of hardware is a crucial step. “There is no need to provide the current generation of professionals with a new device every two years.”

“Our work mainly consists of promoting ‘circular thinking’ within organizations and their employees,” explains Werner Mars, Circular IT Consultant at Flex IT Distribution. “Of course, we want to sell products through our resellers, but first, the customer needs to accept the idea that you don’t necessarily have to buy new products.” The current times also call for it: resources are becoming scarcer, prices are rising, we are witnessing an energy transition, and most importantly, as Mars explains, the current generation of young professionals no longer constantly wants new products. “They have a completely different approach to owning possessions.”

Trust and performance

In light of these developments, extending the lifespan of products in a responsible and suitable manner aligns with customer needs. “That’s essentially what we do,” says Michel Voorhout, Channel Sales Manager Services/DAAS at HP. “It involves modern devices that look good and come with a warranty. With confidence, customers can use this equipment for almost all their work.” Voorhout emphasizes two important aspects: trust and performance. Mars is clear about it: “We are not saying that a customer will stop buying new devices. Apart from the fact that relatively new products are needed to extend the lifespan, certain powerusers also require the latest specifications.” However, as it is known, most employees only utilize a fraction of a device’s maximum performance. “If the product quality is good and it looks excellent, a company can make significant strides in sustainability with products from the HP Approved Selection.”

A local initiative

HP Approved Selection is a Dutch initiative by Flex IT in collaboration with HP Netherlands and Microsoft. This collaboration resulted in a joint proposition. Voorhout says, “We are currently seeing a high demand in the market for sustainable IT solutions. We started thinking about how to meet that need at an early stage. For example, in France, tenders already require a certain percentage to be filled with circular devices. This prompted us to work on HP Approved Selection and develop a solution to help our partners and customers embrace this movement. We are now in the process of rolling out the initiative to other countries and regions.” Mars adds, “It’s actually an accessible and concrete solution. It’s a logical step to start with the workplace because there are various ways to implement it. You can opt for both Device as a Service (DaaS) and outright purchase.” With this program, customers can monitor the entire lifecycle and truly make it circular. “CSR requirements are becoming increasingly important, not only in annual reports and account statements,” says Voorhout. “You need a story about the origin and future of your IT portfolio.”

HP Approved Selection by Flex IT 2023
HP Approved Selection is a Dutch initiative by Flex IT in collaboration with HP Netherlands and Microsoft

Everything in-house

Flex IT Distribution has been involved in extending the lifespan of IT equipment for thirty years. “We have full control over the entire process,” Mars explains. “From collecting the products to refurbishing them and redeploying the devices. Based on the optical and technical quality of the equipment, we determine the suitable environment for its reuse. It could be an office environment, schools, or the consumer market.” Devices that have truly reached the end of their life and cannot be redeployed are recycled. The feedback from end customers has been positive. Mars says, “One of our partners provided 6,000 workstations for a healthcare institution, and it worked perfectly.” In the market, not only do they see the potential of this proposition for an organization, but they also emphasize that sustainability is important, but they don’t want complications. “Again, it’s about trust and assurances. People rightly demand high-quality products and good support. That’s what we provide because that’s the only way to drive behavioural change.”

Wide range of options

Resellers are increasingly receiving requests for the solution provided by HP Approved Selection. Mars states, “There is clearly a demand for it, both from small and medium-sized businesses, the mid-market, and the public sector. In fact, partners can offer it almost anywhere.” Additionally, the range of options is extensive, as Voorhout knows. “It’s not about individually collecting devices, but about receiving complete batches from businesses. If a customer needs a comprehensive solution, we can almost always fulfill it quickly without any issues.” The success of Flex IT and HP with HP Approved Selection illustrates the growing need for sustainable and circular solutions in the IT hardware industry. By promoting “circular thinking” and offering high-quality products with extended lifespans, organizations can make significant strides in sustainability and CO2 reduction. Resellers and end customers can benefit from the wide range of options and the flexibility of the program while contributing to a greener future for the IT sector.

This interview was originally in Dutch and conducted by ChannelConnect. Read the interview in Dutch here.

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