Author: Dave Van der Zande

Greening and Digitizing

The Netherlands plans to get green and digitize

The Netherlands is requesting money from the European Recovery Fund and is focusing on greening and digitizing the economy. The ultimate goal is to become climate neutral. The government wants to use the European money to invest in cleaner inland shipping, offshore wind energy, hydrogen and

Circular Economy investments

Dutch companies invest heavily in circular economy

Last year, the circular economy in the Netherlands grew substantially due to business investments in innovative and environmentally friendly technologies and production methods. The investments are attractive to companies through tax benefits. Investments in the circular economy grew to no less than 1,085 million euros. Two

E-companies sustainability trend

E-commerce companies jump on sustainability trend

More and more e-commerce platforms are jumping on the growing demand for circular products. In addition to new products, the number of used products being offered are increasing rapidly. A shift towards sustainable alternatives is taking place. Whereas consumers were previously dependent on specialized sites and

Lifespan for phones and tablets

EU plans to enforce a longer lifespan for phones and tablets

The EU plans to require manufacturers of smartphones and tablets to continue supporting their devices with updates and spare parts for at least five years after they are sold. The measure should ensure that products can be used for longer, are easier to repair and

Circular IT principles

‘Procurement of IT must follow circular principles’

Sustainability is taking on an increasingly important role in the boardroom. So much so that CIOs and IT managers need to revamp their IT procurement strategy to add environmental impacts and align it with circular economy principles. That's the message from Eco-Friendly Web Alliance, in a

Circular data centers

Data centers: keen eye for circularity

The cloud has brought about a concentration of servers, owned by a few major parties. The emergence of those hyperscale data centers (HDCs) has brought their owners a keen eye for circular hardware. That's according to a report from DataCenterDynamics. Microsoft, for example announced a program

Common charger

European Parliament supports common charger

Members of the European Parliament have approved a proposal to introduce a common charger for all portable electronic devices, with the aim of reducing e-waste. The USB type C port will become the standard in the new legislation. The decision is laid down in the revised

Sustainability services

Consulting firms put money into sustainability services

Consulting firm Deloitte has allocated $1 billion to strengthen its sustainability and climate department to help clients in their transition to net zero. Business demand for services in the area of net zero transitions, also known as Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) consulting, will increase

CO2 emissions reduction

Apple reduces CO2 emissions in manufacturing

Apple says it has invested $4.7 billion to reduce CO2 emissions in the production of hardware and recycling technology. One of the projects made possible by the Green Bond investment fund resulted in carbon-free aluminum, which is used in the new iPhone SE (2022). The

Sustainability in IT

Focus on sustainability in IT studies Radboud University

Radboud University is going to emphasize sustainability in all IT studies to improve awareness and improve IT growth. The topic of sustainability has been almost entirely lacking and that needs to change, says Associate Professor of Computer Science Bernard van Gastel in AG Connect. The